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Why Create A Vision?

Just the other day I was sitting with a fellow therapist who wanted me to explain in detail what I do. My colleague is no stranger to my bursts of enthusiasm and thoroughly admires my passion for change and reinvention. But he wanted a more in depth understanding of how the visual rendering of ideas and passions can help a person change in a way that’s different from just talking about it.

I showed him a picture of my dream art studio in the form of a vision board. Rather than just keep this dream in my mind I explained, my vision board helped me form ideas into a real, concrete space. At this very moment my new space is being painted. And while my new space isn’t going to look exactly like my visionboard, it helped me zero in on quite a few elements.

The visual side of me always needs a visual reference to chart my course. I don’t think I’m alone in this. Even those daily to-do lists that many of us write down are visual references. When we write “milk” or “apple” we are also seeing the thing along with the word and together they help us remember.

Let’s look at programs like PowerPoint, Keynote and even back in the day when people used Kodak slide projectors (I know I am talking about the dark ages here but some of us do remember them). Visuals help the presenter as well as the viewer. They create an opportunity to harvest and hone ideas on just about everything.

My workshops are not art classes.

They are not about making things pretty although this happens very often. Vision boards and Visual journals are a way of getting thoughts and ideas from your mind and your head onto a piece of paper. They don’t have to be neat. They don’t have to be artistic masterpieces. You grab a hold of those creative ideas that are swimming around and give them an opportunity to come up for air. You breathe new energy into something that’s been percolating for a while. You may find yourself on a completely different path. Once you let your mind wander you never know where you will end up.

Saying you need a change in work, life or a relationship is only 1/2 a step. My creative space is a case in point. It needed a major makeover but I wasn’t clear how I wanted to use the space. By sitting down and imagining the space and then finding pictures, I was able to see what appealed to me. The space evolved from there.

The first workshop in my new space will be happening in late October. Stay tuned.




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