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What’s So Special About ME?

I’m not the first person to use the words INSPIRE, ENVISION, CHALLENGE and REINVENT and I certainly won’t be the last. These particular words have been in the dictionary since the mid 1300’s so needless to say they’ve been around.

So why do I bring this up? Recently, a woman came to see me and we began to work on a plan for her new business. Through some of our work she was able to define her niche and start putting together her ideas and goals. She was extremely excited and enthusiastic about the future— until a few days ago when she reached out for help.

“Why me?” she asked.  “What’s so special about what I have to offer that someone else couldn’t offer?” She was filled with a sudden flair up of self-doubt and was questioning her ability to start anything. This is a normal and common occurrence. What’s different I said, is YOU. No one person has all the magic, all the ideas and all the talent. Take a look around and everywhere you look there are simple, often silly ideas that have mushroomed into million dollar ideas. It’s not the idea or the product that made it so—it’s the person with the vision and the courage to take a risk that makes things happen.

I fall into the self-doubt trap everyone now and then but I try to catch myself before it takes over. I remind myself that the words Inspire, Envision, Challenge and Reinvent are very personal to me. No, I didn’t invent them but I add ME to the recipe and so they change. I inspire in my way—and so will my client who will bring her ME, her unique vision to her new venture. The rest will fall into place.

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