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Use your Smartphone To Help You Manage Stress!

Managing stress can be as simple as installing an App on your smart phone—actually even the activity of searching for an App can lead to a reduction of stress. The reason? Refocusing your energy and your attention is the single best way to manage an acute attack of anxiety and is particularly effective in the midst of a panic attack. But you need to prepare in advance—you need to have a pre-determined set of tools.

Quick Tip: Find yourself in the middle of a panic attack? Immediately turn your attention to something else, anything else. Check out what people are wearing. Count the tiles on the floor. Find things to taste and smell. Engage your senses.

Here’s a list of iphone Apps—many of them are available on other smart phones as well. Most are free! Stress trackers are particularly good to have handy. Quantifying your stress level can send it down quickly.

Stress Management Apps

  • 1.Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations
  • 2.Breathe2relax
  • 3.Whitenoise
  • 4.Stress Check
  • 5.At Ease
  • 6.Stress Tracker
  • 7.Stress Relief
The best way to search for these is to go into your App search and type in the word STRESS then scroll through to review the ones I have listed as well as any others that appeal to you.

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