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Schedule Time For Having Fun!

I believe you need a plan for everything you do—even if you end up not following it.

Plans aren’t the law but they are a place to begin. Whether it’s a business plan or a plan for putting more fun into your life—make a list, write it down, decide what you want and put it on the schedule. Most likely it won’t happen if you don’t make it happen.

Let’s use fun as an example –

First get yourself one of those old style memo pads (I know I’m dating myself here) or use one of the great Note Apps on your smart phone.

Start with what seems like fun in your life because fun is different for everyone. Make a list (try this downloadable form-it’s free!) I have a list of both what I don’t enjoy i.e. things like Theme parks, big parties, extended amounts of time in big cities, throngs of people and loud, sharp noises (honking horns and sirens are like forks on a china plate to me). On my list of likes are walks in the park with my dog, my husband or a close friend. Reading, writing (yay! It’s on my list everyday now) and painting—I’m pretty fortunate that some of my likes are also my work. But I haven’t taken a long walk in the park in ages and the same goes for my painting.When I create those lists, my likes and dislikes begin to become more concrete.

And then I can choose what’s important to write into my schedule—or not.

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