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Re-vision Your Life: 3 Tips to Help You Get Started

Does your life feel like yours? And if not, why?

Re-vision, re-invent and Re-new yourself! When I speak about a life revision I am thinking about a process that involves exploring and questioning where you are today and what you imagine you would like your future to be. It’s about asking yourself— Am I being true to myself?  Am I finding joy and satisfaction in my current life? Regardless of your answers, none of what I am suggesting requires that you make any significant changes now.

Think about this—

Have you ever taken the time to visualize what another life might look like?  Quite frankly, most of us live life on the fly. We don’t often sit still and create a vision of life. We get by. We fight fires. We surrender to the demands of every day life. “It is what it is” is often the response I get from clients when I ask about their lives. This often leads to a life that isn’t really authentic or yours.

Many people believe that living life authentically takes a lot of work and a lot of money. It doesn’t. It takes zeroing in on what matters and taking time out for those things. It means planning for a change that you might not be able to make right this moment. One of my future personal priorities is 2-3 weeks off to paint and do a little bit of nothing. I’m not sure how I will make this happen but I am beginning to plan for it in 2012.

Do you just live life as it comes or do you do things that make your life yours? If not, here’s 3 ways that might help you start.

1. Find one self-help book that appeals to you and I mean ONE! Check the reviews and read the comments to make sure that the reviewer sounds a little like you. Hint: Try buying your books used. I love books so much that I would need a second mortgage if I didn’t do this. I manage to find most of the books I love for under $4 and sometimes for less that $1. Yes, you have to pay mailing costs but generally, I am buying a $10- $12 dollar book for $4-$5.

2. Create a simple vision board. You will need something bigger and thicker than the average piece of paper but it doesn’t need to be fancy. I’ve used the inside covers of gift boxes, the cardboard insert that comes with men’s shirts and inexpensive posterboard (it costs about $2 at Staples or Walmart. One piece can be can cut in half to make two vision boards. Use anything that has a bit of weight and can withstand some glue.

Get some magazines and start cutting out words and pictures. Separate the words and pictures into two plastic bags (Glad has some oversized baggies and you can use the ones that don’t have the zip-loc as they are much less expensive). You can start by moving the words around on the cardboard or posterboard.  Add some pictures or reverse that and start with the pictures and add some words. The words do not have to match the pictures. You can also get a sharpie or a calligraphy pen and write your own words right on the pictures or in the spaces between them. Start gluing things down. Don’t angst over this–––just play! Now put the whole thing away for a few days. More on this topic on Monday, October 3rd when I will share examples of vision boards, book recommendations and web pages that provide more info on making vision boards. The link I provided for vision boards above is just one way of creating a vision board but we can get really creative. There are lots of ideas and tools out there.

3. Do something different once a week. Walk a different path, eat a new food, paint your nails purple, try spinning or yoga, start swimming, anything, just try something new.

Why do these things? Making time to explore helps you open up to possibility. If you can’t get a vision, you can’t start the journey.

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