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Post-it note fever

I have a system. I color code my post-it notes. Several years ago my then teenage son suggested that I get different colored post-it notes and put them up on my computer screen. One color would be for home and family based lists, reminders for bills come due, lists of passwords, client and family phone numbers and email addresses.  I often wonder where I would be without my post-its but lately even my post-it system has run amuck. I have piles of brightly colored post-its that sit in piles on my desk and line the perimeter of my computer screen but still I forget most of what I’m supposed to remember. I can’t tell you how many times I have to reset passwords because I do it nearly every day and the piles of post-it notes are not helping. Quite frankly, I’m not nearly as concerned about the lines under my eyes or the extra 10 lbs I can carry around – it’s my mind and memory that worry me more.

I have multiple calendars – ipad, iphone, my laptop and desktop. Although I know I am not alone with the memory thing, sometimes I truly feel as if I am losing “it”. Imagine my relief to come upon an article on midlife memory loss and that it isn’t all about my disappearing memory or totally out of my control to manage. Cheryl Grady, a neuroscientist at the Rotman Research institute explains:

“In the past decade, cognitive neuroscientists have learned that much of what we blame on fading memory in midlife can be more accurately attributed to failing attention. While this doesn’t mean I or we are home free when I comes to not being able to find the word, a name, or our keys, there are ways to get around the mind freeze and I was happy to learn that my post-it system was on the right path.

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