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Do I Need A Make-Over?

Ironically, middle-age can feel less weighty (except for those extra 5 lbs that seem to settle around the waist) If you’ve been blessed, the kids have, or are getting ready to leave your abode), you’ve done the house and the pet thing (if you get a puppy now there’s no fooling yourself that it’s for you!). And while some things are winding done, this is also your time, your moment, to get out that t-shirt or have one made that says “It’s all about me now”.

If you let your mind wander to the wish and whimsical place, you may begin to notice little things, a new way of viewing life, quite different then when life was just getting started and there was soooo much to do and no time to just “be”.

Sure much of life may seem bittersweet. The kids may have left and you may not have learned as I have that they leave and come back, leave and come back and even when they are 30, they have their “I need my mom” days. Seriously, those of us who have worked the last 20 plus years, stayed at home to raise the children (and sometimes their husbands), it may be time to carve out a few new directions. Perhaps it’s time to take an exotic trip, consider renting a tiny cabin in the mountains or near the beach. Take piano lessons, learn to play chess or speak Italian.  And it may be time to give serious thought to a new wardrobe.

No, I’m not trying to judge or be judgmental in any way. Lately I have been noticing the over 45’s still sporting the same style they had at  25 or 30 and for most (looking through my eyes), it isn’t working so well. I consulted a couple of stylists and personal shoppers and asked a single question: Do clothes meant for younger women actually age women over 50? It was a unanimous “YES”!

I’m not suggest you run off and buy a pair of  “Not My Daughter’s Jeans”. I believe many of us can still rock Gap, J. Crew, AG, 7 jeans, etc.  But at the very  least, our jeans need to fit a little higher and I’m sorry if I seem prudish but a 50 year-old woman with her thong and butt hanging out of her jeans is too much of everything.

“Don’t lose your style” said a personal shopper at Bloomingdales, just tone it down. A bra or your bra straps showing screams “old and trying too hard”. A nice t-shirt with great fitting jeans and a perfect pair of boots seems to say I have style and I’m in damn good shape.

We are aging better than the generation before us because we are taking care of ourselves in ways our parents didn’t. We can look healthy, sexy and vital without buying our daughter’s clothes or raiding her closet (except for shoes and bags). We can look hip and cool but also look like the women we’ve become. As my own kids start getting onto their feet and off to their new lives, maybe my heels don’t have to be so high as to make me stumble over.



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