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Is It Time To Make Some Life Changes?

I just returned from a five-day retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is a beautiful place and has now become a hide-away for some of the more chic. Ironically, much of it’s charm comes from the natural environment and the shaky and often non-existent access to the internet. Tulum offers low-tech charm and beauty but it is sometimes a challenge for those of us who thrive and survive on among other things technological connection.

In Tulum, you often have to brace yourself for the challenges of “warmish/coldish” showers, solar powered electricity (many hotels power down after a certain time) and candlelight and tea lights lose some of their romance after a day or two. The eco-toilets (no details furnished here of what that means) can be a bit uh icky. My own room didn’t have an outlet so in order to charge the ridiculous among of gadgets I’ve grown accustomed to, I had to walk to the dining area and wait to be charged (lol). Did I tell you about the family of lizards that lived on the Palapa Ceiling (dried and woven palm-tree leaves)? Yesssss, you do feel like are your sleeping in a grass hut.

Oh but the beauty of turquoise and blue water, soft sand and gorgeous sunsets. Nothing can beat the weather and the food is scrumptious! And the simplicity of not wearing shoes, walking down the beach to a café at 7 a.m. for breakfast in bare feet–––Oh how I miss those days.

The retreat itself offered a trio of yoga, art and meditation. There were sharing circles that ended each day after dinner and what myself and the others shared continues to be illuminating.  We were a group of 17 women ages 30-65 so that in itself was fascinating. But the fact that we were separated in age by decades was irrelevant. I discovered or confirmed that we as women share so much in common regardless of where we come from or how old we are.  We share strength, courage, questions and self-doubt and we aren’t afraid to speak about it ––– even when we aren’t sure what the answers are or how to get to them.

I am still awed by the quick and warm connections that were made and the support that many of us needed as the retreat unfolded. I know that I came away from those days with many thoughts and a clear recognition that there needs to be some changes in my life.

Get ready for some new and interesting women’s groups to begin as my ideas take root. I’m thinking that it’s time to bring that women’s circle home.

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