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Tips & Tools For Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing yourself is not nearly as big as it sounds and like most things in life, best done in a series of small steps and stages. Some might imagine reinvention as starting over but I think of it as starting with now and building upon your knowledge of yourself and the world around you. At 40, 50, 60 and beyond you don’t need to start at the beginning. You have experience and expertise (yes we all have a lot of that) to lead the way. Reinvention is about harvesting what you most want and need. It’s about discovering what to keep and what to leave behind. It takes patience and kindness. This is not a time to dwell on coulds, woulds and shoulds.

Life revision and reinvention is a process of self-exploration. It’s about giving yourself permission to imagine and fantasize about your future. It’s asking yourself questions and discovering whether you are being true to yourself–

Does my life feel like mine? What is it I need to do, change, etc., to make it mine? What’s stopping me? And if needed, Where can I go to get some help in making changes? None of this requires that you make any immediate changes, it’s just your own personal question and answer process that may or may not lead to changes both large and small. Here are some ideas to get you started on your personal exploration and potential revision.

–Assess where you are in your life whether you are 40 or 80
–Know you can make choices about the future
-Don’t let yourself believe it’s ever too late
–Formulate a list of both short-term and long-term goals
–Make a map of your path
–Take tiny steps:Clean out a drawer rather than then take on the whole house
–Do one thing a month you haven’t ever done before
–Keep a journal and write something each week

Some other ideas for helping you re-vision:You may know Martha Beck from her columns in Oprah magazine or as a guest speaker on the Oprah show. Martha Beck is one of many who talk about creating vision boards.There are many sites that offer instructions on how to create one and even offer software to help you create vision boards for your computer screen. I will talk about vision boards, visual journals, mind movies and more in future blog posts.


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