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Relationship Coaching

How are your relationships? Do you have good friends? A rewarding partnership or marriage?

Answer True or False to these statements:

  • 1 Many of my relationships leave me empty and unfulfilled.
  • 2 I keep making the wrong choices for myself.
  • 3 I am always in the middle of some personal or office drama.
  • 4 I often feel left out of social plans between friends and family.
  • 5I feel like my friends only call me when they need help.
  • 6 I often wonder if it’s just me and the way I interact with others.
  • 7 I keep striking out in the dating world.
  • 8 I’m not sure that I want to spend the next 30 years with the person I am married to.
  • 9 I have never had a person in my life that I feel really connected to.


Answer Key:

If you answered “True” to more than one of these statements, you need to do some exploring– more than four and you need to honestly assess your relationships and your relational style.

What needs to get done:

  1. 1. Assess your past relationships and look for commonalities.
  2.  2. Be REALLY honest about what you need in a relationship
  3.  3. Determine what you are willing to give–or not give in a relationship.
  4.  4. List your top 3 most annoying habits-you have to know yourself before you can have an honest relationship.
  5. 5. Create a visual map to a healthier, more connected relational style–your very own internal GPS.