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Stop Saying “I Wish” Start Saying “I Will”

How often have you woken up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and disconnected? Maybe it’s not everyday, hopefully, it’s not everyday. But more than likely, it happens often enough to make you feel uneasy about yourself and your life.

I meet and talk to a lot of women of all different ages and from all different places. The following is some of what I hear—

Working women talk about struggling to get out of bed in the morning and trying to achieve a positive work/balance life.

Empty nesters are often on a rediscovery mission, trying to remember and grab hold of what they felt passionate about before husbands, kids and careers.

Older women are faced with aging husbands and when, where and if they want to retire?

Young people are questioning their expensive educations and wondering what they are going to do with a degree in Art History?

Young women are trying to decide if marriage, motherhood and a career is possible?

Different life places, different lifestyles, it doesn’t really matter what the thought, problem or challenge is. It’s about figuring out how you see yourself and how you see yourself living and being in the universe.

One of the things I say over and over again is that you need a vision in order to change things. You need to see down the road to and you need to create a mental and visual picture of what you want. The visual tools and workshops I teach are designed to get you thinking, inspired, and creative about your life.

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