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Using Vision Boards to Create The Perfect Space

  Have you ever dreamed or imagined what your “perfect” space would look like? I’m not just speaking about workspaces but spaces of creativity and tranquility. If you had a room of your own—   What color would it be? …

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Pick A Word and EnVision it!

ENVISION: To picture in the mind; imagine.     You have to have a vision to get anywhere. Do you have a dream job? A dream house? A passion? An art? Are you looking for your passion? TAKE THE VISION …

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Creating Wordles-Turning Your Words Into Pictures

In my last post I wrote about creating Vision Boards and the response was HUGE! It’s really exciting for me when something I’ve written resonates with my friends and followers. I now know that a lot of you out there …

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An Easy Way To Keep A Mood Journal

How are you feeling right now? On a scale of one to 10—rate your current mood. Now try keeping track throughout the day, approximately every 2-3hours. It’s quick and easy to set your smart phone’s reminder app so that you …

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Tips & Tools For Reinventing Yourself

Life revision and reinvention is a process of self-exploration. It’s about giving yourself permission to imagine and fantasize about your future. It’s asking yourself questions and discovering whether you are being true to yourself–

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Why Can’t Anyone Learn How And What To Sell To Midlife Women?

There’s a basic assumption everywhere that midife women want to look twenty-five or thirty. I don’t. I want to look like the grown woman I am. The one who has found her groove and cultivated her own style. She’s the one who feels great in her own skin and knows how to ask for what she wants—and it’s not glitter eye shadow and eight inch heels. Hasn’t anyone figured that out yet?

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Stop saying “I Wish” Start Saying “I Will”

Have you ever wished that someone would just swoop in and show you how to do things or make something happen? I know I have.

There’s my favorite salesperson at the local AT&T store who has become my “go-to” person for helping me set up my cell phone—thank you, thank you, thank you! And the woman I hired to organize my office, design a filing system and reduce the accidents I’ve had tripping over mangled and tangled electrical cords. There’s nothing like having someone there to walk you through the things that don’t come naturally—or the places in life that you need a little coaching, maybe a little prodding and a bit of cheerleading.

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Why Breathe When You Really Want To Scream?

A couple of years ago I read an essay by a woman who expressed her dismay over her friends who had taken up meditation and yoga. Borrring!!! She wrote a short, humorous monologue about loving her highs and lows, the …

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Why Being 50 is a Gift

I feel myself grimace whenever I read that 50 is the new 30. I don’t want to be 30 again. Even my body doesn’t want to be 30 again. You might think I’m crazy because what midlife woman doesn’t yearn …

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Do I REALLY Need a Smaller Purse?

At least once a week I get in my car and dump the contents of my purse on the floor of the passenger seat of my car. Do I have my cell? My car keys? A pen? My checkbook? Grocery …

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