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Making Time For A Personal Retreat

Every year I try to make plans for a get-away. Not a girlfriend weekend or a spa day but an away place by myself. The first few hours or even the first day is always great. I find myself skipping …

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Sometimes a Mani-Pedi is the “Cure” You Need

I swish my feet around in the mossy waters of the Penobscot Bay in Rockland, Maine. My toes are carefully navigating rough, moss-coated rocks. As I slosh about in the bay, a photographer clicks away at the shutter. Yes, I …

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Keeping A Journal Is Easier Than You Think!

I have been keeping a journal since the third grade when my “old” (she was probably 40) teacher, Mrs. Shackman let us choose from a pile of colored composition books. I took to the art of journaling immediately and poured …

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Using Your Creativity To Help You Make Changes

I’m taking an intuitive painting class on line. Intuitive painting is the process by which you paint freely and wait for images to present themselves. You arrive at the blank page with no preconceived notions about what you want to …

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Post, Tweet, Pin, Oh My!

I haven’t enough skill or clue (yet) about the timing of posts, how to maximize SEO or really the whole analytic thing. I still can’t keep up with the twitter chats —my fingers just can’t fly across the keyboard the way other people’s seem to. Some days I really want to join in but I know I’m not ready. And I continuously ask myself where I am going with this? I still don’t know.

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Why Can’t I Sit Under A Tree And Talk To God?

My husband and I spent this Yom Kippur alone. It was probably the first time in our lives that we have done so. There were many reasons for this—some circumstances, others by choice. Our sons are scattered around the country, …

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Surprise, I want a divorce!

It’s an all too common scenario—an epidemic of sorts. Midlife women who seem to wake up one morning and decide they are miserable in their marriages.  In weeks, they are off to see an attorney about ending their long-term marriages …

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Why Create A Vision?

Just the other day I was sitting with a fellow therapist who wanted me to explain in detail what I do. My colleague is no stranger to my bursts of enthusiasm and thoroughly admires my passion for change and reinvention. …

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Nothing Prepares You For Being A Mom

After plowing through Organic Chemistry (I know this has something to do with the structure of molecules because I looked it up on Wikipedia) and the likes of other pre-med sciences, my son recently took the MCAT (Medical College Aptitude …

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Schedule Time For Having Fun!

I believe you need a plan for everything you do—even if you end up not following it.

Plans aren’t the law but they are a place to begin. Whether it’s a business plan or a plan for putting more fun into your life—make a list, write it down, decide what you want and put it on the schedule. Most likely it won’t happen if you don’t make it happen.

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