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Would meditation have helped?

I swear I believe in the power of meditation and it has changed my life. But in all honesty there are moments in life that call for kicking, screaming and crying.

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4 Simple Questions That Can Help You Make A Change

Change evokes a lot of anxiety in people. Many get a vision of waking up in a place they don’t know, around people they have never met. Financial insecurity is often at stake. It can feel lonely and scary. But change doesn’t have to be completely life altering. More often than not it is about clearing a path, trimming some branches, and giving your senses space to roam.

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It’s Hard To Be An Introvert – Tips on How To Embrace Your Quiet Self

What’s peaked my interest as of late is the attention to introversion. Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” has been featured everywhere from The New York Times to Oprah magazine. It was my son who turned me on to her fascinating book and alongside my Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment has brought clarity and some relief. I often suspected I was an introvert hanging out in an extroverts body. Turns out I was right.

It’s incredibly difficult to live authentically as an introvert—it’s traditionally not rewarded.

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Schedule Time For Having Fun!

I believe you need a plan for everything you do—even if you end up not following it.

Plans aren’t the law but they are a place to begin. Whether it’s a business plan or a plan for putting more fun into your life—make a list, write it down, decide what you want and put it on the schedule. Most likely it won’t happen if you don’t make it happen.

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A Cure For My Insomnia?

I have suffered with insomnia for decades. Honestly, I have tried nearly every herbal remedy. And then it occurred to me that I had to find another way and stop fighting with my insomnia.

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Use your Smartphone To Help You Manage Stress!

Managing stress can be as simple as installing an App on your smart phone—actually even the activity of searching for an App can lead to a reduction of stress. The reason? Refocusing your energy and your attention is the single best way to manage an acute attack of anxiety and is particularly effective in the midst of a panic attack. But you need to prepare in advance—you need to have a pre-determined set of tools.

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Is it Ever Ok to #tweet a Breakup?

In an effort to protect the persons involved I will henceforward call the couple Louis and Joyce. Their true names are nothing similar to this. I’ve tweaked (not tweeted) a few details for clarification purposes only. About a week ago …

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What’s a Vision Board? And how do I make one?

What are you drawn to? What places? What people? What things? The questions are endless but the answers could be a key to your future. Creating some type of visual output for your thoughts is often a great way to …

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Tips & Tools For Reinventing Yourself

Life revision and reinvention is a process of self-exploration. It’s about giving yourself permission to imagine and fantasize about your future. It’s asking yourself questions and discovering whether you are being true to yourself–

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Do I Really Need To De-Clutter?

Some might call this behavior irrational and at the very least impractical. I’ve heard reasonable people warn that we will never be able to move out of our house. I think they are wrong. Letting go doesn’t have to be a jarring process or a super human feat. It can be a slow and steady clearing. You don’t have to de-clutter all at once. And don’t let anyone tell you what you have to throw out, give away or donate—that is your decision and yours alone.

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