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4 Simple Questions That Can Help You Make A Change

I often use Madonna, the songstress and marketing genius (not mother to Jesus, Madonna) as a metaphor for describing my inclination to change things up in my life without a moment’s hesitation. As soon as it becomes clear to me that something in my life isn’t working (or isn’t fun anymore), I have to make a change.

I refuse to live an unhappy life.

Change evokes a lot of anxiety in people. Many get a vision of waking up in a place they don’t know, around people they have never met. Financial insecurity is often at stake. It can feel lonely and scary.

But change doesn’t have to be completely life altering. More often than not it is about clearing a path, trimming some branches, and giving your senses space to roam. The key to making change is to start slowly and take baby steps.

Ask yourself 4 simple questions.

1.What is it you wanted to be in the third grade?

I wanted to be an actress, singer, writer and poet.

2.What is the loveliest town you have ever been in?

I’ve traveled quite a bit so there’s a lot of competition here. I gravitate towards New England and places on the water.

3. Where is the place you feel most at home?

I like the view from the top of mountain but I don’t like heights, which can pose a bit of a problem. I need to get driven up a mountain and then have some type of rails to hold onto. Then I relax and breathe it all in. I love sitting by the ocean and swimming but the temperature of the water needs to rise to around 80° LOL.

4.What would you do with a free hour? Read and write

These are simple questions but your answers may give you some interesting information about yourself. My own responses suggest a clear desire (if not need) for quiet and solitude. I have to build that time in to whatever I do. Generally when I am out of sorts it is because I don’t give myself that time.

We do not stop to ask ourselves enough questions.

Day after day we live our routines. Bored, tired and even completely miserable, it’s easier to keep doing what you are doing than take a leap of faith (in yourself).  I’m not suggesting you change everything but even one tiny change, one shift in your body and your thinking and the view is entirely different.

Try this: Stand still for a few seconds and look straight ahead. Now shift your head to the left and then to the right. Move a few steps. Notice anything? More often than not a few creative, thoughtful changes can pave the way to a happier and more peaceful way of being.

Change and reinvention has always been my way. I have lost track of the careers I’ve had but every single one of them has contributed in a positive way. No job or venture was ever bad. I’ve learned that both success and failure have their places because we learn from everything— from what we love to all that we loathe.

I am still fairly confident as a fifty-plus woman that I have many more changes in me. I have no idea what those future projects will look like or what the inspiration for a change will be. But I know I will continue to recreate and reinvent even if those changes become exponentially smaller. It’s what keeps the energy flowing.

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