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Marcia Reich, Licensed Counselor & Professional Coach
Passionate about helping women create their best life.

Stop saying “I Wish” Start Saying “I Will”

Have you ever wished that someone would just swoop in and show you how to do things or make something happen? I know I have.

There’s my favorite salesperson at the local AT&T store who has become my “go-to” person for helping me set up my cell phone—thank you, thank you, thank you! And the woman I hired to organize my office, design a filing system and reduce the accidents I’ve had tripping over mangled and tangled electrical cords. There’s nothing like having someone there to walk you through the things that don’t come naturally—or the places in life that you need a little coaching, maybe a little prodding and a bit of cheerleading.

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The "Make it Happen" Coaching Package - Coaching sessions can be conducted by phone, skype, FaceTime or in-person. Dip your toes into coaching without making a huge initial investment. Cost: $325 “The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them”.


Marcia has helped me to discover myself – I feel a “newness” I would have never thought possible, She is the utmost in caring, concern and integrity. – TK, Livingston, NJ

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4 Simple Questions That Can Help You Make A Change

Change evokes a lot of anxiety in people. Many get a vision of waking up in a place they don’t know, around people they have never met. Financial insecurity is often at stake. It can feel lonely and scary. But change doesn’t have to be completely life altering. More often than not it is about clearing a path, trimming some branches, and giving your senses space to roam.

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